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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Increase You Tube Traffic With JumpStart

How to increase Your youtube Traffic?    

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  • Built using latest technology.
  • Lifetime software updates.
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  • Absolutely no ban/video removal risk.
  • Does not violate YouTube TOS.
  • Works with all Windows.
  • Insight friendly.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Social Submitter

Social Submitter  Automated posting to 200 social and bookmark sites. Multithreading and logging, proxy and command line support. Automated crawling and submission. Friendly support.

Social Submitter - at a glance

* Social Submitter is a powerful submission tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your submission process.
* Social Submitter puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to submission. All posting process is automated so you can easily submit the whole site to up to 200 social and bookmark sites at once. This will save you a significant amount of time for posting articles.
* Social Submitter supports most popular social networks and bookmark sites (Digg.com, propeller.com, furl.net, del.icio.us, folkd.com, bibsonomy.org, dzone.com, mister-wong.com, Full list of social and bookmark sites you can download here.).

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Social Bookmark Submitter

Social Bookmark Submiter Submit Bookmarks with Automatic Social Bookmarking Tool

Social Bookmarks

Build highest quality backlinks, boost search engine rankings and increase your income with social bookmarking software!

Social Bookmark Submitter is an outstanding bookmarking tool will make your life easier by automating bookmarking. Social Bookmark Submitter  will automatically submit all your links (one by one) to popular bookmarking sites at specified time intervals to make sure search engines will start indexing your websites faster and faster, driving more and more real visitors and increasing your earnings day by day.

Once all your links are submitted, Social Bookmarks Submitter can re-submit all of them using different accounts to boost your sites authority!

"Everything sounds great, but I don't have enough time to complete registration forms on bookmarking sites before tool can submit my bookmarks" - You are thinking right now. Don't worry! Superior social bookmarking software will create accounts on social sites automatically! Spend your time for activities you really enjoy -Save time with  Social Bookmarks Submitter will do everything else!

SEO Blog Submitter

Blog Submitter allows you to search blogs based upon popular blog platforms (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) according to user defined keywords. The application retrieves blog page-specific information such as PageRank, dofollow status, number of comments etc. allowing you to select suitable blog pages. Using integrated browser you can either manually submit comments or apply Auto-Fill feature.

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Link Directory Submitter

Link Directory Submitter Submit Your Website To Hundreds Of Link Directories Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Forget Asking For A Link Exchange…
Directory Submission is the Key to Strengthening Your Google ; Increasing Your SE Rank!

Save time,GET Link Directory Submitter Now

Youtube Comment Poster

YouTube Comments Poster Post Comments to Social Media Sites Automatically 

About YouTube Comment Poster -After releasing Trackback Submitter (which became world's most popular automatic trackback posting software), Automatic Scuttle Submitter and other extremely effective backlinks building tools, I received emails from happy customers asking for something new and even more powerful. Some webmasters discovered new, very effective method for maximum earnings - products and services promotion on social media sites like YouTube.com, Revver.com, and others. New strategy was found! The only thing which had to be done - automate advertising campaigns in full.

Promote your products and services on social media sites using automatic social marketing software for maximum earnings!

Don't get fooled by software title. YouTube Comments Poster works fine with all social sites listed below!

* YouTube.com
* Revver.com
* XTube.com
* Disclose.tv
* SlideShare.net

 YouTube Comments Poster is not just another backlinks builder. You can use this tool building backlinks, but this software was designed to help promoting product in different way. YouTube Comments Poster will increase your sales and help you save time . Let's take a closer look!

Social media sites attract millions of visitors every day, and it's the best place where your products and services can be seen by targeted audience. Even if conversion ratio is 1% in worst case (it means 1 out 100 people will order service offered), just try to imagine how many sales you will make every day. Social media sites attract millions of people! Millions!

However, it's impossible to attract new customers without automatic marketing software. Why? There are millions of users on social media sites, so it's just impossible to introduce your services to everyone. If you will post several messages per day, no one will see you... The only way to survive - play big!

Using automatic social media marketing software like Youtube Comment Poster , not only you can promote different products and services at the same time, you can do it 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Even when you sleep! This is how big guys play! They use automated software to make money. And now you have opportunity to try it yourself... Can you afford to miss it?

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Comment Poster

Comment Poster Post Comments Automatically with Automated Comments Posting Software!

How Comment Poster will Help You? Comment Poster not only will build thousands of high quality backlinks leading to your sites. Because these links will be submitted to 1st class websites (unlike using other software), your sites not only will get much better rankings in search engines, but also get more real traffic instantly! This is exactly what webmaster wants to save time !

What Customers Say About Comment Poster ? I know, you expect to see faked feedback from non-existing people here (like you see on other websites). Well, you will not find anything similar here. If you want to know how Comment Poster will help you, check out comments from REAL and HAPPY CUSTOMERS below!
Thanks for releasing Comment Poster to the public. It's the only software which allows including unlimited number of backlinks in single comment message, and it's AMAZING!

I have to tell you, this software is AWESOME! Keep up the great work. This is one of the best pieces of software I've ever bought. If you will ever need a testimonial about Comment Poster, I'll be happy to write one.
Hey, it really works! :) and save time . I'm running Comment Poster for for 2 months, and my affiliate sales are crazy now. Your software makes me over $2000 per month. I can say it's really worth the price. And you know what? I'm going to purchase ALL your tools now. You got a loyal customer here!

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